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Teo.rema Teo.rema is a historic company in the rubber and plastic district, the so-called Rubber Valley del Sebino, which includes approximately ten municipalities in the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia – Paratico. More than 200 companies are part of it, which employ 4,500 workers and generate annual revenues of up to 2 billion Euro, numbers that make Rubber Valley del Sebino the largest European producer of rubber seals.

The companies of the “Rubber Valley” include Teo.rema, a leading player in that territory thanks to its over ten-year experience and two generations of entrepreneurs.

The business model of Teo.rema revolves around the people and skills that that territory expresses. A territory that Teo.rema has always valued and supported with projects and actions aimed at enhancing the fact of belonging to a world famous District.

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