TMask by Teo.Rema

Teo-Rema: Innovation for Safety During the Covid-19 Emergency

In times of crisis, innovation becomes a guiding light, illuminating the path towards solutions that protect everyone’s health and safety. Teo-Rema took on this mission during the Covid-19 emergency by developing personal protective equipment that combines effectiveness, comfort, and sustainability.

The Project:

Teo-Rema embraced the challenge of providing personal protection solutions that not only protect people but are also eco-friendly and accessible to everyone. The project led to the creation of antibacterial silicone masks designed to offer an effective barrier against pathogens and harmful particles in the air. The project was named TMask.

Social Commitment:

In addition to focusing on the technological aspect, Teo-Rema embraced a strong social commitment. They made their expertise available during a challenging time both from a health and economic perspective.

Product Features:

TMask masks are designed to offer complete and comfortable protection. Here are some of their main features:

  • High-Quality Materials: The masks are made of antibacterial silicone, a material soft on the skin that provides a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Interchangeable Disposable Filters: The interchangeable filters are available in four types to meet different protection needs:
    • Generic TMask: With a bacterial filtration efficiency of 90.6%, it offers basic but effective protection.
    • Two-Layer Surgical TMask: With a bacterial filtration efficiency of 92%.
    • Three-Layer Surgical TMask: With a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99%.
    • FFP2 TMask: With a particulate filtration efficiency of over 94%.
  • Variety of Colors and Sizes: The masks come in a wide range of vibrant colors and are available in sizes for both adults and children, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

In conclusion, Teo-Rema has demonstrated exceptional commitment in offering innovative and socially responsible solutions during the Covid-19 emergency.


All filters are certified and four filter types are available. The advantage of having a silicone mask body allows the mask to be reused (after sterilisation).

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