Quality – Research and Development

Teo.Rema is a certified company according to the international standards

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

voluntary certification relating to the management of environmental systems


UNI ISO 45001:2018

voluntary certification for safeguarding and health in the workplace


ESG assesment by ECOMATE

environmental sustainability according to ESG criteria (environmental, social, governance)

Teo.Rema uses its own compounds, subject to specific approvals:

TEO50 EN549 e TEO60 EN549

compounds for the GAS sector

LC 70 (EPDM 70)

compound for the sector CONTACT WITH DRINKING WATER, according to the W270 regulation

The Teo.rema model ensures flexibility, speed and punctuality in delivery times and response to customer needs.. 

Not only Quality, but also Innovation.  

Innovation in the digitisation of the entire production process, guaranteed by the characteristics of the laboratory or by the remote control of the supply chain, which has been able to exploit the opportunities of industry 4.0.  

CSR – Corporate Social Responsability

A careful Corporate Social Responsibility policy completes Teo.rema’s corporate management horizon. The entire production chain is inspired by the green vision of the two entrepreneurs – well established and implemented in their daily lives – and by the CSR: from certifications on the management of environmental systems and workplace health and safety, to donations, such as Tmask masks made available to the local police forces.  

The products made by Teo.rema are the demonstration of industrial ingenuity: often tiny, always hidden inside a gear, invisible and yet essential to correct and lasting operation of that gear. 

One of the secrets of Teo.rema’s reliability is its internal laboratory, equipped with highly technological machinery capable of producing with a very low environmental impact. 

An example of excellence in productive experimentation, appropriately developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, is Tmask , un dispositivo medico , a medical device class I that protects the nose and mouth in one single stratified filter.

TMask is a mask entirely produced and assembled in Italy.

Tmask is made of antibacterial silicone that sterilises in hot water at 100 °C for 5 minutes.

Tmask is a comfortable mask suitable for everyone thanks to the 3 different sizes according to age and sex.

Tmask is a product that complies with the safety requirements for trade and use in the European Union.

Tmask is a device that respects the environment as it is also made to minimise waste.