The Mission

The ability to offer a product that is not separate from a service. In this, and in the trust that this ability has generated and is generating in customers, is found first and foremost themissionof Teo.rema: an aptitude for listening, for problem solving, for the service dedicated, with care, to every single customer. Rules and production models increasingly requested in the market and which in Teo.rema go hand in hand with the creation of a high-end product, entirely manufactured in the company, with professionalism and with the use of selected raw materials. 

The ambition to grow as a more structured company is also part of the company’s mission, through a shrewd strategy and rigorous planning, in order to satisfy the needs of all customers, identifying their requirements, even if they are not expressed. Beyond the logic of offering the product at the lowest possible price, Teo.rema instead offers itself as a partner, alongside its customers, demonstrating – where necessary – its ability to guide them towards the best possible choice, the one that is qualitatively most suitable, for their specific needs.